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Home of the Canadian Superfruit, Haskap.

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The farm is situated south west of Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada, along the Rocky Mountain foothills. Current cultivated land is approximately 2400 acres, with the main farm crops canola, wheat and barley.  In 2011, we planted a Haskap orchard to start into diversification and help in the succession of this proud farm.

We are a 4th generation farm with my family homesteading the land in 1926, with the Haskap orchard located on the original homestead cleared land.

Cool summer breezes, soft rain showers, and long sunny days help make our crops healthy and productive. We are committed to providing top quality fruit with our focus on our customers. 

Broken Tine Orchard is dedicated to supplying haskap that our clients can trust and associate with quality. We believe in locally grown food and sustainable agricultural practices.  We have 19,000 of the best quality trees that are watered by the latest drip irrigation technology.


Are you looking for a fruit that tastes great, nutritious, high in antioxidants, and grown without pesticides?

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Our Mission:

Grown naturally, in partnership with our clients to produce a nutritional superfruit that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.