Broken Tine Orchard presents their award-winning Melomel

Combining the wonderful flavours of Northern Alberta's honey and Haskap berries, to create an experience like no other.


Maddhatters promoting local products from Broken Tine Orchard

Maddhatters visits Broken Tine Orchard to promote local Haskap products available now.

Visit Maddhatters to enjoy wonderful local food and drinks, supporting your local producers.

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Dr Oz Show Presenting Haskap with Bryce Wylde

Check out this episode of Dr Oz show featuring Bryce Wylde, an Alternative Health Expert describing the many benefits of this amazing fruit!

Global News: Haskap Juice Taste Test

We would like to share a great video of a Global News interview with Liam Tayler from LaHave Natural Farms.  We enjoy seeing this same surprise and excitement when people learn the wonderful taste of the Haskap berry.



‘Aurora’ & ‘Borealis’ Haskap

We urge all berry enthusiasts to learn more about the great work of Dr. Bob Bors and the University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program.  The future of this wonderful new fruit in Canada is a result of the years of work in this program breeding the many varieties of "Lonicera caerulea".

Here is a recent article on the new cultivar named 'Aurora'.

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‘Aurora’ & ‘Borealis’ Haskap  (Download Full Article